We are teaming up with the worlds visionary artists to offer inspired backlit decor for US $67

120+ setting bulb

Magnetic Assembly

Reprint fresh art for $39 to update lamp

As One by John Speaker

Art lamps by shorsh

Westward Dreaming

by Autumn Skye

Fragmented Maritime

by Igor Morski


by Francisco Diaz

The Wormhole

by Vaughn Warren

Exclusive Lamp of the Electric Love Music Festival

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Michaela J

"I love supporting artists. I'm excited to see what other art is coming out next month. I have artsy friends that are going to love these for prezzzies!"

Douglas M

"There isn't a more unique and beautiful way to add a special feeling to your bedroom. I love that the remote has a timer so it turns off after I fall asleep. I've loved Autumn Skye's art for years and now I can enjoy it in this functional limited release art lamp."


Magnetically assembled using 4 rare earth magnets

Static decor is no more - reprint new art



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