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How It Works

1. Just upload and crop any 6 images △△△ ▽▽▽ (we need to know your preference of orientation)

 2. We'll print them in stunning Gallery Quality 1200 DPI using our industry leading Canon Pro 2000. We print to a special backlit film used in professional gallery installations. We then apply two coats of liquid laminate that protects your Art from degrading, it also gives it a lush matte finish. Then we use a Laser to cut out your images with perfect accuracy. 

3. Then we ship them to you for free! When you get them just insert them on the back of the image-frames with the adhesive ribbons. Then snap the image frame into place with our floating-magnet system seen here: 

Make eye catching custom Art and Signage for your business!

Make the perfect personalized gift!

Show off your design skills and curate a one of a kind decor piece that harmonizes with you!

App Controlled RGB bulb adds motion and unique ambiance

With The Lumid™ you are a Brilliant Lamp Designer. Unleash your imagination.