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A giant leap for inspired decor

Author Ethan Foster / Category Backlit Decor / Published: December-21-2019

The Lumid was founded by Ethan Foster between San Luis Obispo, California and Vancouver, Canada.

The Lumid started as an obsession with specialized film technologies and a deep curiosity of the illuminated art.

We've always been captivated by the natural world and transported by art. In our 2 year pursuit of an affordable, organic, and vibrant design we found ourselves coming back to rare-earth magnets, red oak, and walnut veneer.

Along the road there were key breakthroughs. Our favourite is the the amazing colored motion that is activated by the programmable RGB bulb. "I will never forget how it made me feel to first see photography and paintings backlit with changing color. You should see it in person! The first time I saw it I was hooked and it's been a long journey to adapt the technology to a classically shaped, compelling product that people love." - Ethan

Long nights in the design lab and a great amount of patience has resulted in over 100 prototypes. Today we at The Lumid™ are thrilled to allow established artists to enter the lighting segment with their inspired vision.

We love working with artists from all around the globe and offering their work in this new way.

Thanks for taking the time and stay tuned!

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Lumenid Designs

217 Victoria Street West,
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