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What we're about

Hi, my name is Ethan! At the Lumid, we take time and care with every product that we make. We have the distinct claim to be the World's first gallery quality backlit art lamp. This achievement took over three years of iterations and patience to be able to offer this beautifully simple design.

The Lumid was designed between California and Vancouver, BC. We want to share the fun and inspiration of designing lamps with everybody. The Lumid is always printed in the highest resolution possible and is a dynamic light form that allows visual artists to upload their own work, and to continue to evolve their lamp design with affordable reprints. Life is about evolution, it's time our decor reflect that. We also offer a wide range of stunning lap designs from some of the World's best artists.

We've always been fascinated with backlit film and high resolution art. Ambiance and art mingle with this classic shape and beautiful hand crafted walnut ring frames. They belong together! Our extensive R&D has paid off and we are able to offer a beautiful product at a great price.

Each Lumid is made in small batch in our production facility in Kamloops, British Columbia. We have a small team of skilled wood workers and print specialists. It is our goal that your Lumid adds beauty and inspiration to your space.

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image :The Lumid weekend getaway

Lumenid Designs

207 Victoria Street West,
Kamloops, BC
V2C 3C8