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Affordable and beautiful backlit art lamps from the World's best artists. Make your space your own. The World's most stunning table lamps and inspired decor gift. Custom backlit lamps available. A new era in interior design and visionary art.

Gallery quality art, off the wall

Wormhole Stage at Electric Love Music Festival

Seraphim by Autumn Skye

Chris Dyer - DMT

As One by John Speaker

The Grecian - by John Stevens

Eternal Bloom pt. II by Caren Chroma

Healing by Autumn Skye

The Creator by John Speaker

The Creator by John Speaker

Chasing the sun by Totemical

Color changing programmable bulb
brings motion to the art

Frontier by shorsh

Unison by Jetsy

Bass Sloth by Dela

Aluminium Contour

Printed to award winning and durable backlit film. Sealed with industry leading liquid laminate clearshield for ultimate resolution and longevity.

Westward Dreaming

by Autumn Skye

Northern Lights


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